JVC GRHD1 High Definition MiniDV Camcorder

JVC GRHD1 High Definition MiniDV Camcorder

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Now it's possible to enjoy high definition video that you created with JVC's GR-HD1. Record 1,280 x 720p full high definition video, play it back as 720p HD or up-convert the output to 1080i with the built-in format converter. Video created in HD can also be down-converted to record or playback on any media any television monitor. The HD1 can be enjoyed as a fully automatic camcorder or explore your creative side and take advantage of a full array of manual adjustments, from the zoom and focus rings to iris and shutter speed, the HD1 let's you make beautiful High Definition memories, now that's a perfect experience.


HD offers better color and resolution than DV


What's HD?
The main technical difference between regular TV and HDTV is increased resolution and better color. Since HDTV is digital, it is easy to compare with images we see on computer screens. In those terms, the widescreen 16:9 ratio HDTV image generated by the GR-HD1 is 1,280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. For a 4:3 ratio NTSC image recorded by a DV camcorder, the signal can be up to 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels high. Even just comparing in these terms, the area covered by the HDTV image is more than 2.7 times that covered by a DV camcorder's image.

Unprecedented power
Multi-Format HD/SD/DV Recording and Viewing
The GR-HD1 offers true Hi-Def 720/30 progressive scan recording in MPEG2-TS (Transport Stream) format. Its large 16:9 image, packed with three times the visual information of DV, will create a new level of realism and impact when viewed on large-screen monitors or projection TVs.

To accommodate a variety of video archiving and distribution needs, the GR-HD1 also supports SD 480/60p and regular DV 480/60i with separate encoding circuitry to process the image before recording on tape.

And when it's time to see the recordings you've made, the up-/down-converter and abundant connectors allow viewing access on everything from standard NTSC TVs to leading-edge 1080i HDTV plasma displays and professional-grade monitors. Naturally, ordinary DV 480/60i will be viewable on regular NTSC TVs.

F1.8 - F1.9 Optical Zoom Lens
To make Hi-Def recording possible, JVC puts high quality up front, at the lens. With almost no variance in brightness, from F1.8 at full wide and F1.9 at full telephoto, it is able to offer the fundamental image-gathering performance a Hi-Def system requires. High-precision multi-coated all glass optics ensure low-distortion, ghost-free images with high peripheral resolution and brightness, as well as high edge-to-edge color purity across the entire zoom range.


High-precision multi-coated all-glass optics


Optical Image Stabilization
Demanding Hi-Def images need to be rock solid, so performance is supported by on-demand Optical Image Stabilization--Optical so as to avoid any loss of resolution. This systems features superior accuracy using a shift lens, original lens servo, and new camera shake detection algorithm to effectively track the subject even at high zoom ratios.

1/3-inch 1.18-Megapixel Progressive Scan CCD
The "retina" of this camera's eye is a powerful combination of a 1.18-Megapixel Progressive Scan CCD and JVC's patented progressive digital filter technology, both the result of JVC's years of research in the field.

Designed for a true 16:9 pixel wide array of 1,280 x 720 (for moving images) and 4:3 1,280 x 960 (for stills), and progressive scanning to sample the entire picture at once, this CCD has an uncanny ability to capture detailed images without interline motion blur resulting from interlace scanning.

Hi-Def color purity and discrete reproduction allows you to see full detail without being obscured by low-resolution color smearing. The Hi-Def standard colorimetric range takes in more colors than NTSC as well. Things simply not possible to see with regular TV, like fine designs on a jersey, are clearly visible. Pictures have texture!


Rock-steady images with the image stabilization system


What matters is that the GR-HD1 lets you record, preserve and playback high quality 700/650 Horizontal/Vertical-line resolution (close to the achievable limit of the format) component Hi-Def video in a reasonable price range.

To those who still believe that the number of CCDs is the factor in determining picture quality, think again: JVC's GR-HD1 is ready to challenge and overwhelm preconceptions.

Digital MPEG-2 on MiniDV HD Recording
Another remarkable aspect of this video camera is that it records 60 minutes of HD signals on conventional MiniDV cassette. The benefits are obvious: MiniDV cassettes, "the defacto standard" are widely available and affordable compared to other formats used in professional systems, and by using a common cassette mechanism with DV, it was possible for the GR-HD1 to offer regular DV recording as well. This was made possible since the "Hi-Def MPEG-2 on MiniDV" encoder and decoder developed by JVC together with NTT records Hi-Def Component MPEG2-TS signals in the same track format as DV.


Versatile rotating grip

Pro performance in style
Rotating Grip
Lets you transition from a high-angle to a low-angle shot without having to remove your hand from the grip or take your eyes off the action. Made possible because the tape mechanism is literally housed in the grip, this innovation in design means you can get the angle you need for a unique perspective or to reduce fatigue even in limited-space situations.

Manual Focus Ring & Zoom Ring
Just turn the individual rings on the lens barrel to adjust the focus and zoom, like you would with a professional video cam or an SLR film camera. Its linear, "analog" type motion is intuitive, precise, and sure to be appreciated by serious videographers. Creative expression such as focus shifting from foreground to background is possible with high precision. Autofocus also available.

Manual/Auto Shutter Speeds, Iris, White Balance
Shutter speeds range from 1/15 and the filmic 1/30, all the way up to 1/1000 sec. Iris can be set in the range of F1.8 through F22.0 plus Iris Lock function. In addition to One-touch manual white balance, there are also Halogen, Cloudy and Sunny settings to finely tune colors for a more natural look. These functions are all directly accessible by conveniently mounted buttons.


Manual focus and zoom ring


Manual Exposure, BLC, Program AE
You have total control over image exposure in +-10 steps using the exposure dial, and can instantly compensate for excessive backlighting with BLC. Auto exposure and Program AE with Snow, Sports, Spotlight and Twilight modes also available.

LCD Color Monitor
With a full-color image available in this rotating 3.5-inch high-resolution 2-Megapixel LCD monitor, you'll be able to get shots at angles and positions where use of the viewfinder isn't comfortable or practical. The LCD monitor can be viewed simultaneously with the viewfinder including menu and camera condition information, especially convenient when working together with others.

High-Resolution Color Viewfinder
In the viewfinder, you'll find a brilliant color image with crisp, high resolution so you'll know exactly what you're aiming at. Its Diopter adjusts for eyesight.

Power-Linked Operation--with Tally Lamp, Beep, or Melody
Just pull out the viewfinder or open the LCD monitor, and the camera automatically powers up so you're ready to shoot. Or close it, and power automatically shuts off to save energy. If needed, beep or melody sounds signify power-on and recording signaled by the tally lamp as well as a beep or melody. A shutter sound can indicate still shooting.

10x Optical Zoom (HD/SD/DV) and 40x/200x Digital Zoom (DV)
Get close with high quality 10x optical zoom in all modes, and 40x/200x digital zoom with spline interpolation to minimize jagged edges in DV mode. Digital zoom was intentionally not provided for the HD/SD modes because the high resolution and detail provided in those modes means that you will be able to see any part of the screen clearly even you're not zoomed in. Particularly in the HD mode, big-screen images with details that come to life provide a signature look just like watching a movie.


High-action mobility with carrying handle


Carrying Handle and Lens Hood
Since the GR-HD1 isn't your ordinary camcorder, it comes provided with pro-style extras that will help you shoot pro quality footage. The aluminum die-cast carrying handle offers high action mobility and lets you upgrade the camera or handle shoe with options like the MV-E100 microphone. And the lens hood cuts flare for superior results when shooting outdoors.

Aluminum Diecast Body
Even inside, where it's not obvious, JVC makes sure the GR-HD1 offers top performance. The unit's whole body frame is strengthened with aluminum diecasting so it's able to stand up to the rigors of active HD recording.


Durable aluminum body


Editing and sharing
MPEG Edit Studio Pro LE for frame-accurate edits
This NLE (Non-Linear Editing) application allows frame-accurate MPEG-2 editing with intuitive drag-and-drop operation. Coupled with the search functions accompanied by sound, you'll be able to make frame-accurate cuts with precise voice timing so you won't cut off a crucial comment or quote prematurely. Video and audio can be edited separately, and combined from different clips.

In addition to the incredibly easy drag-and-drop interface, you'll find numerous features that enable easy project management so you can store and revise your past work whenever necessary. And thanks to the edit spooler function, edits can be done in the background, freeing up you and your computer for other jobs and letting you use your time more efficiently.

Editing of both HD and SD material is possible, so you can export edited HD videos back to the GR-HD1 or to a JVC HM-DH40000/DH30000 Digital HDTV Video Recorder in native MPEG2-TS Hi-Def format, as well as convert edited HD videos to NTSC MPEG2-PS for authoring to DVD using the provided ImageMixer DVD software.

ImageMixer DVD for easy DVD authoring
Progressive HD looks great converted to interlace NTSC DVDs. And DVD Authoring is easy with ImageMixer DVD. The software handles MPEG2-PS files created in MPEG Edit Studio Pro 1.0 LE without the need for re-encoding. Down-converted MPEG-2 files can be authored to DVD simply by dragging and dropping the files onto the menu. Just choose from the variety of ready-made frames and graphics, and it automatically creates a main menu for DVD playback. ImageMixer DVD discs can be played on most ordinary home DVD units depending on the player and disc. (DVD video discs may not be playable depending upon the DVD player and medium.)


MPEG Edit Studio makes editing HD and SD easy


HD Capture Utility to transfer footage to PC
Hi-Def footage recorded with the GR-HD1 can be easily transferred to your computer's hard disk with on-screen camera control buttons, via IEEE1394 i.LINK interface. Edited video can also be recorded back to tape. It also automatically stores data in separate files should it detect different data types or unrecorded sections during capture.

Audio Converter 1.0 to import soundtracks
Lets you import MP3 files, as well as other audio file formats (WAV, WMA, MP2), with full sound mixing and editing support, for use in your movie soundtrack in the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 format used by MPEG Edit Studio Pro LE.

i.LINK (IEEE 1394)
Enables transfer of MPEG-2 and DV video data to and from a PC or other compatible device like a D-VHS VCR. (Dubbing is not possible from analog HD sources). You get lossless digital dubbing of both pictures and sound in one cable. Connected to JVC's HM-DH40000/ DH30000, it allows 4 hours of dubbing onto a D480 D-VHS tape (DV MPEG max. 25Mbps > D-VHS MPEG max. 28Mbps). Live HD images can be monitored via i.LINK at 720/30p also.

USB Terminal
Enables digital still images shot and stored on memory card to be transferred to a computer. With Mass Storage Class support, the video camera's icon is automatically mounted on your desktop when you connect the camera and PC via USB cable so you can drag-and-drop access the files stored on the memory card. Also supports the Web-Camera Function with real-time video streaming.

SD Memory Card
Stores digital still images as well as DV navigation data. Removable for direct transfer of data to a PC with an appropriate slot or external card reader. GR-HD1 comes provided with 16MB SD Memory Card, while the card slot is also compatible with MultiMediaCard.

Web-Camera Function
Communicate via web-camera by running third party applications such as Microsoft NetMeeting. This live, USB-linked real-time video streaming function will make applications like teleconferencing, video phoning, webcasting or surveillance possible.

HG Digital Stills
The Progressive CCD captures four sizes of HG (High Grade) stills on SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard, ranging from 640 x 480 (VGA) for memos, 848 x 480 (16:9) or 1,280 x 720 (Panorama) for landscapes, to 1,280 x 960 Megapixel stills. Pictures captured from tape to PC also make high quality stills (HD 1,280 x 720, SD 848 x 480, DV 640 x 480).


Accessories included with the GR-HD1


What's in the Box:
GR-HD1, AA-V40U AC power adapter/charger, CD-ROM with software, DC cord to charger from camera, audio cable x 2 for stereo microphone and headphone, RM-V717U remote control unit, audio extension cable, USB cable, editing extension cable, component video cable, cleaning cassette, S/AV/editing cable, memory card 8 MB (already inserted in the camcorder), BN-V428U high capacity battery pack 2800 mAh, shoulder strap, lens cap, carrying handle, lens hood (already attached to the camcorder), AAA (R03) battery x 2 (for remote control unit), core filters for cables.

Product Description
The "GR-HD1" high-definition digital video camera is the first consumer digital video camera in the world to record and play back digital high-definition images. By utilizing a newly developed 1/3 inch-type 1.18 million pixel progressive scan CCD and JVC proprietary processing, the new camera records and plays back 750/30p (1280x720/30p viewable) digital high-definition and 525p progressive wide images to mini DV tape. Adding to the traditional way of enjoying high-definition content by "viewing" and "recording", the "GR-HD1" offers a new way to enjoy high-definition images through "creating"


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