LG G2 Black D802 (Factory Unlocked) 5.2" full HD , 2.26GHz quad core

LG G2 Black D802 (Factory Unlocked) 5.2" full HD , 2.26GHz quad core

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Product Description

5.2 inch full HD display 2.26GHz quad core processor 13 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabalisation (OIS) 3000mAh battery 3G 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 - LTE 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 / 800
Have you ever gotten a new phone and thought, "wow this phone makes my other phones seem so dated"? I can say that this is that phone, the LG G2 is AMAZING...funny thing is, my last two phones were the HTC One (AT&T) and the iPhone 5 (AT&T). I am that guy who buys the latest and greatest when I think it will make a difference in my life and I justify my phone purchases with the excuse that my phone is always on me(and I used to be an Apple fanboy and I have owned every iPhone). I use it for work, games, news, remote for my tv, sports, email, camera...Oh yeah, I use it to make phone calls too. Anyways, I haven't been in love with a phone like this since I went to the original iPhone. I hope you find my review helpful and beneficial to your purchase regardless if you buy one or not.

The Bad - Let's just get this out of the way.

The case is a glossy plastic. The phone is a finger print magnet. I am slightly self conscious when I let people see the G2- I feel like I have very dirty hands and I'm a chemist which means I am washing my hands regularly. The phone is a dirt and oil magnet.
The other downside is no expandable memory but I have a hard time using 32gb of memory anyways so Im not complaining but some of you out there might want more memory.

The GOOD - Get ready for a long list. I will do my best to put what is important first just in case I bore you and you want to move on.

Battery - The G2 has the longest battery life of any phone I've used. I regularly use my phone for a multitude of tasks. With my iPhone 5 and HTC One I usually could make it through the day without a recharge, but without a doubt I would give those phones a full charge when I slept.
Reviews :
I just purchased this phone two days ago for AT&T.

It is absolutely amazing. Coming from an iPhone 4S, it is at least as fast if not faster in all things. This includes the interface, which is buttery smooth, something I had not experienced on older Androids when I had demoed them.

The LG software is unobtrusive, but adds some powerful features, including the ability to launch some common apps (such as the dial pad, the calendar, and the calculator) in a *resizeable* *floating* window. This allows for multi-tasking almost like a Windows desktop, and it easily beats any other smartphone multi-tasking I have seen.

This phone has already been "rooted" just a few days after release, so those who wish to customize it heavily will have that option. Personally, I use it in an Enterprise work environment, so I will likely keep it "stock" but the customizations even without root are mind-blowing.

I use the phone with a Pebble watch, which is also an extraordinary thing -- all of my notifications pop right up on my wrist. This is the future!


Battery life: This phone comes with a HUGE 3000mah battery. After turning off Skype (it was using a lot of standby battery), I finish most days with normal/moderate usage with over 60% battery (7:30 pm). VERY impressive. It also charges very fast with the supplied 1.8A charger.

Screen: This is an IPS screen and it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I think it is MUCH better looking with much more realistic colors than a Samsung S4, and it gets at least as bright if not brighter. The Autobrightness feature does not work very well however.

Back buttons: I personally don't really like the buttons being on the back of the phone, but it isn't too bad, especially with a special feature that allows me to tap the black screen of sleeping phone and turn it back on.
I dont write phone reviews. I'm a harsh critic when it comes to electronics and most of the time every device is good until you use it for some time so longevity wise the verdict is still out on this one but i'll have to say I'm utterly shocked that LG has put out such a well rounded device. I wont write a long review because people don't like to spend all day reading so i'll get to the point.

Features is what creates a better user experience.

- The number one thing that stands out to me about this device is the Knock Knock. This allows you to turn your phone on and off by just simply tapping the screen twice. I dont have to worry about fiddling with the power button to wake the device up. You'll be amazed how much easier this feature makes your life become.

- Answer a phone call by placing the device close to your ear.

- Pause videos by looking away from the screen, resume once again by looking at the screen. I know the Samsung GS series first started using this but i find it useless.

- QSlide - Allows you to multitask by creating a mini version of certain useful apps on the desktop while simoltaneously accessing other apps in the background. LOVE IT!!

- Clip Tray - Cut and paste has changed for ever. This feature allows you to copy anything to the clip tray including text, documents and images and stores them for later use. You then can paste anything from you clip tray anywhere, anytime. LOVE IT!!

- Dual Mode - Allows you to take a picture of two images at one, camera utilizes the front facing and back facing lenses for a shot.
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